Kitchenware (Utensils, boxes, Plates, spoons, etc)


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    as I am moving out I have a lot of kitchenware in good conditions.
    things like water bottles,tiffans,plates,bowls,glasses and mugs

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    I want 2 donate utensils clothes etc.

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    Following my wife’s death, intend to give away clothes and kitchen utensils used by her

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    i m relocating…..want to donate few stainless steel utensils

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    I am moving out and i have a lot of kitchen utnesils ( plates, pans, jars, etc) along with a gas stove and cylinder to give away.

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    I am moving out I have multiple steel glass, steel bowls and many more and they are in good condition, As I have used them daily.

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    I have clothes,utensils to give away

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