Stationery (Notebooks, Pencils, Erasers etc)



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    I would like to donate my books which are a mix of fiction,nonfiction,educational,general knowledge books. This is my collection of books from my childhood. Request you to please pick them up as soon as possible.

    Thank You.


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    I want to donate my educational books.

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    i need a pick up to donate cloths n stationary

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    Hi..I want to donate my son’s story books text books and many informative books..
    Pls let me know when can u arrange for the pick up.


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    I have a collection of few Philosophical books, Science books, Magazine and maps. Let me know if you can pick these up as part of donation.

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    I have icse textbooks I would like to donate and would you please tell me if it is possible for you to take them.

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    I am having books for 10 ,11,12 class .can u please collect them .
    Vishnupuram lane 1
    mothrowala road

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    Hi, I have a lot of story books and school books I’d like to donate but unfortunately I’ve never found time to drive somewhere and donate them. Hopefully by this I’ll be able to donate them soon

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    please collect my old books.

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    I would like to donate bag and pencil kits for the needy one to help them

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    I would like to donate old books.

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    Hi I have a lot of books to donate, which were used by my kids when they were younger.

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    I wants to donate educational books of 11th & 12th class (Science stream).
    Please collect these books

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    I have a couple of books from CBSE curriculum that i want to donate. Let me kn owhow do i connect with your team for a pick-up and if you have a dropping point in Jaipur

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    Have stationery
    Where do I donate

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    I want to donate books which comprises of JEE preparation modules and 11-12th class PCM books.
    Thank you

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    I would like to donate my books(mostly educational)
    Please let me know if you would be interested in collecting the books

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    Hi.. my father has worked as principle in kendriya vidyalaya… And he is basically a physics teacher.. we have a collection of nice books. Which he has collected throughout his tenure. We would like to donate some of them and hope they will be useful. Please let me know how to donate.

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    Hi,I have some medical text books and some mba guide books and lots of story has to be picked up from mahalaxmi Layout Bangalore.

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    I want to donate some educational and fiction books . I live in Jaipur .can you collect it from my place

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