5 Lakh Acts of Giving

happy donors who were part of the campaign

We all have old clothes, toys, or notebooks that are just lying at some corner of our house getting dusted. Do you know 45% of the items that we discard are re-usable and can support people living in extreme poverty? It’s time to light up the spirit of giving and create awareness about how giving away those small things that you don’t use anymore can light up life of millions and spread smiles!!

Take part in #5LakhActsOfGiving and encourage your community to appreciate the art of giving.

How you can take part?


The donation bags contain surprise goodies for donors as a gesture of thanks for making a difference. Various brands have joined hands with us in making this campaign a success!
donors with donation bags and goodies from brand partners

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”- Mark Twain

Become a part of “5 Lakh Acts of Giving”
Be a volunteer, have fun and learn along the way by working with us. Just join our volunteers facebook group and be a changemaker.
Join hands with us as a sponsor or a brand partner and showcase the social side of your brand. Check out the sponsors section for details.