About the NGO:

HEEALS is a grassroots Non-Profit with Operational office in Gurgaon, We registered under the Indian government Section 21 of 1860 Society Act In Ghaziabad ,Uttar Pradesh. We have a mandate of empowering local and rural communities to become sustainable in Health, Education, Environment and Livelihood Society sectors through research and development, engaging workshops, resources distribution and content creation. Since 2010, we are working in Health,Education, Environment, Water, Sanitation, Menstrual Hygiene,Gender Equality Projects.

We believe that by starting small and working with one community at a time, we can begin to make changes that will spread gradually throughout India, all the while working hard to create and maintain a self-sustaining society. We aim to facilitate the fulfilment of the millennium development goals, set out by the United Nations, by ensuring that every household in India has unimpeded access to proper WASH facilities.

Our Vision:

To provide the resources, knowledge, expertise and leadership to help the people and the communities across the states of India to use their resources, skills, abilities and other assets to improve the quality of life, environment, education and livelihood and that of future generations.

Our Mission:

To create a vibrant civil society organisation aiming to safeguard health, environment, education and livelihood to promote the sustainable development of society.

Our Goals & Objectives:

Heeals resources reflect part IV of the constitution of India as well as Indian commitment to global development. Our main goal is to provide a self-sustained society in India. We want to ensure that through empowering our local communities with knowledge and education we can begin to eradicate poverty in India.

We would like to do this by creating:

 1.  A Healthy Society – Tackling hunger, malnutrition, woman & child development whilst promoting healthy practices.

2.  An Educated Society – Promoting education amongst the most deprived societies.

 3.  A Cleaner Environment  Water Sanitation, Building Toilets, Menstrual Projects, WASH Projects, Climate Change Education.

 4. Livelihood for all – Training people to help them acquire what they need, with dignity.