Jivanamasteya Trust (“जीवानाम्‌स्तेय”) is an NGO founded by the Father and inspired by his two Daughters, Cherry (Naomi), and Kiwi (Daomi), and their life experiences. Jivanamasteya Trust working on Solving the most challenging problems that India is facing. It works in the area of Children’s best interest, Family Welfare, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, Entrepreneurship, Livelihoods, Education and Healthcare.

Jivanamasteya is composed of two words i.e. (1) Jivanam – All Life, (2) Asteya – Justice to all being, non-stealing. Hence Jivanamasteya refers to “Justice to all life irrespective of discrimination of caste, creed, religion, sex, gender. Justice means economic, social, educational, legal empowerment of people.

JivanamAsteya NGO has initiated multiple program/project to achieve its individual social and non-profit goal i.e. Solving India’s Most Challenging problems. Each project focus on specific problems of India.