Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society,[MRWS] is a non-profit, non government,  and humanitarian voluntary organization operating in the rural, urban, tribal and far-flung habitations of south west regions of West Bengal especially in Murshidabad–districts. Its origin owes to a dream once seen by some likeminded intellectuals, educationists, social-activist youths who firmly believe that India cannot be translated into a developed country until a sustainable holistic transformation of its rural sector takes place.

We are trying our best to promote minimum education to the children and maintain health & hygiene capacity of mother, child and old aged of the unfortunate Tobacco Manufacturing [BIDI Smoking ] Worker family.

For last Seven years MRWS has been volunteering community and preventive health care support in its working periphery which basically focuses on mother and child immunization. The intervention is to support government health care system in the service-gap areas where the services are either not adequate or not being reached to target populations. Generally the organization spearheads the intensive social mobilization actions for making target groups aware, especially mothers and care givers, of basic needs of health care and linking them to the services.