Margadarshi was started in 1988 by Mr.N.G.Hegde, whose sister was affected by polio. In his quest to do something for challenged people, joined hands with like minded people, whothemselves were polio victims. Margadarshi means showing the way. Our main purpose is to help and support the most vulnerable groups of challenged persons towards their physical, social psychological and economic well-being. We work in Bangalore, in 41 Gram Panchayat of Kollegal Block, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka. We have 3 offices, 2 in Bangalore and one in Kollegal and a Early Intervention / Physiotherapy Unit at Hanur. We reach 5,000 people with disability (direct and indirect) in a year through a range of services from Early Intervention, Medical Rehabilitation, Residential Support, Educational Support,Livelihood Training, Counseling & Guidance.
The organization was established by people who themselves have undergone the pains and experiences of disability and have proved themselves that they can be contributing members to the society also by upholding their human dignity.
The disability becomes severe not just by the nature of disability but mostly by lack of timely intervention and appropriate measures to overcome its effects. The wider the gap the severe the vulnerability and quite often such a person becomes unfit for full and meaningful rehabilitation.
Given a proper counseling, guidance, link them up with many services and resources and learn to affirm their own social space in all spheres of their lives, they will not only grow as confident citizens but also become inspiring and contributing members in the society.
The issues that were explained as above have already been addressed by the organization ever since its inception in the year 1988. The focus group of challenged persons for support rehabilitation services is children and youth, men and women with disability with special emphasis on rural, poverty stricken, and those who could not access any other resources of support.