Welcome to the virtual home of MITU
MITU (Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment) is focused on driving, participating and supporting various activities for the less fortunate sections of society. This is a platform to share ideas and channel funds for the upliftment of the less fortunate. We look forward to your ideas, encouragement and support.
MITU is a charitable trust started by the family and friends of Maitreyi Charlu, fondly known as Mitu, who was a remarkable girl.
In a short span of 26 years, she touched many hearts and souls. She was different from a typical girl of her age. She chose out of her own volition to work with the underprivileged like street children, sex workers, and the visual/hearing impaired. She was also involved with empowerment of women, animal welfare, recycling, water table management and protection of the environment in general.
MITU aims to continue the work that she started, across her multiple interests and passions – that’s why the name MITU.
This is a small beginning towards some big challenges.
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What do we do?
As the name suggests, we have embarked on multiple initiatives. Today, our focus areas are
Menstrual Hygiene Management
Empowerment and income generation for women
Upcycling and recycling.
Some of the projects already in force are – Project Donate for Dignity, Project Sudupayog, Project Upcycle and Others