SICHREM is the acronym for South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring. Concerned citizens, who were involved with the civil liberties movement earlier, started SICHREM in 1995, as a response to the growing insensitivity to the rule of law. The founders reconed that to address this need for building a responsible civil society would be through a process of education, sensitization and intervention. Hence education and monitoring have been identified as the main thrust of the program.
SICHREM seeks to empower the disempowered groups of dalits, tribals, women, children and minorities to protect their individual and collective rights for a dignified life, through education, monitoring and mobilising civil society for concerted action.

Support We Need From You

Sichrem has been able to reach out in its mission of human rights education, monitoring and advocacy to various classes of people. This has been possible only because of the support we have received from concerned individuals, organizations and donor agencies.
Our work involves spreading awareness on human rights through workshops and seminars, advocacy and campaigning for human rights and monitoring the human rights situation and addressing violations.
People and organizations of varied backgrounds have come forward and extended their solidarity through diverse ways to strengthen and consolidate the human rights movement and struggle. Many issues need to be addressed on an ongoing and sustained basis and your support is solicited for this mission.
These are some of the possible ways to support us in our endeavour to promote human rights, as an Individual, Support Partner, Organisation or Corporate your sharing the concern of human rights in India can go a long way.

As Individuals You Can

  • Volunteer at SICHREM There are various ways in which volunteer activity can benefit – you can join the team in various fact finding missions, help circulate and mobilize for various campaigns/ signature campaigns, raise awareness among your own circles, report human rights violations that you have heard of or seen, join the demonstrations
  • Sign and articulate solidarity in the various campaigns There are many ongoing campaigns in various areas of human rights, your association with these campaigns will go a long way, please visit our campaigns section and contact us for any further details.
  • Spread awareness on various rights issues locally and internationally
  • Contribute in kind we would be glad to accept contributions in kind, any thing from stationary to furniture or books and computer systems will help
  • Help publish pamphlets and publish articles/books
  • Donate monetarily Your donations will go a long way in helping the victims of human rights to be able to stand up for their rights and to be able to access various means to redress their situation

All donations are eligible for tax benefits under sec 80G of the IT Act. (India) – there is no minimum amount that would be too small

Organisations and Corporate

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Activity
  • Expose Staff and stakeholders to Human Rights campaigns and Human rights issues
  • Initiate human rights seminars and workshops for staff and stake holders
  • Donate monetarily
  • Contribute in kind
  • Anything from stationary , books, audiovisual equipment or computers will be gladly accepted
  • Help publish pamphlets and publish articles/books
  • Sponsor workshops held for students, NSS volunteers, Teachers, medical , legal and law enforcement professionals

Partner Support

Sichrem has in the past and is currently working on various issues both at the grass root as well as high level advocacy campaigns which relate to human rights issues that affect the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society, children, women, workers issues, dalits and tribals. The programs that we undertake are specifically targeted in alleviating the situation of victims. Our work is to realize with certainty the possibility of moving towards long term solutions which are structural and policy level changes

Buy & Support

  • Books and publications
  • Posters
  • Bookmarks
  • T-Shirts and Caps