Our Mission
Teaching the children of daily wage workers on hygiene and basic learning in the NCR Delhi region.

Work and Achievements
The Society was formed with the objective of helping impart knowledge in terms of health, hygiene and basic education to the underprivileged and ensuring that the children and their families benefit from the education imparted to them. We have adopted schools to provide them basic education and make sure the children enter mainstream schools hereby.

One of the Schools being run by the Society started in the year 2009 with the name “The Banyan Tree” since it was being run under a Banyan Tree outside a temple in South City II, Gurgaon. Even though the temple authorities have given permission for the society to run the school the members of the Society have been working very hard to ensure that the school is run in a proper manner and the children who get enrolled are regular.

The main objectives of the organization are :

i) to provide better learning opportunities including books and stationery

ii) to provide basic knowledge on health and nutrition.

iii) to provide medical and hygiene consumables

Our main targets are that we help create equal opportunity for the socially and economically deprived kids. Creating a platform to provide school education to them as a safety net to achieve and demonstrate the relevance of education in daily life by direct intervention in the classroom and into their communities.