VIDIA was the outcome of Ph. D research of the Founder, Dr. Ritu Juneja, that had focused on causes of Prevalence of female foeticide in India. The research which intensively studied the status of women in Indian society, led to the conclusion that violence against women in India, of which female foeticide was one manifestation, was the result devaluation of women by a traditional and patriarchal society. The patriarchal society makes men devalue women and the women’s sex stereotyped socialization or gender typing makes them devalue themselves. This leads to men unleashing all kinds of violence on women and women accepting this violence in silence and as their fate.

Hence VIDIA was started as a movement for awakening minds and changing mindsets. VIDIA believes that men and women have to change their attitudes and perception towards women hood. Towards this end VIDIA embarked on a mission to create gender sensitisation and redefining gender in India. Through its various activities and programmes it is aspiring to make Indian women Vibrant, Independent, Dauntless, Idealistic and Assertive.