We, THE RAZA EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY, have been fighting child labour for 16 years. We run Natonal Child Labour Program at our institution, where we train the drop outs in reading and writing skills and put them into our formal school-Excellent English School depending on their understanding and learning level.

Our Vision
To eradicate child labor and school drop out.
To increase the number of literate women in the society.
To provide good and high quality education at a low cost.
To increase the number of women entrepreneurs in our society.
The success of our institution is that we are able to educate 500 children, train 100 youth and enhance the income of their families. The change which we have able to bring through this program in the lives of children and there families are tremendous.
Through various programmes, we continue to provide overall development to the children through computer education, life skills training and exposure visits to museums, galleries, planetarium along with normal schooling. The teachers are provided with continuous training in innovative and latest teaching methods to reach our goal of holistic development to the children and there community.