For 30 years now, Shishu Mandir has been working quietly towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they were born into. Coming from the most desperate of situations, often with alcoholic fathers and despairing mothers their future looks bleak. At Shishu Mandir they have been receiving education, love and care, guidance in their careers and consequently they were able to reach a life of self-sufficiency and independence.
Founded by Hella Mundhra in 1983 as a children’s home, Shishu Mandir today offers a comprehensive support system with a free school, vocational training and higher education. The entire community, where the Shishu children come from, is supported through various welfare projects in order to allow the children to develop to the best of their abilities and also as a way of igniting hope within the communities.
Shishu Mandir is registered as a Society in India and runs entirely on donations. Thus far, financial support has been received through fundraising activities in Germany, and in the last few years in India as well. The number of beneficiaries has reached 530 on a daily basis, which is comparatively small number, but in tune with the organisation’s focus on providing high quality support to a few rather than superficial support to many.
Shishu Mandir is based near KR Puram at Bangalore, reaching out to 12 villages in the vicinity. There are 45.000 inhabitants in this area out of whom 47% live below the poverty line (BPL), which is defined as income of less than ‘Rs 750’ per person per month.